Finance and Accounting internship: Skills Needed and My Preparation Strategy

This summer, I am looking to interning as a Finance/ Accounting intern. To help prepare myself for the position, I have looked at some finance and accounting internship requirement and found one description to be comprehensive. The goal of this post is to create a checklist of skills and responsibilities that are expected from a Finance and Accounting intern. The description is taken from Ubisoft– a global leader in the video games and entertainment software industry.  

This semester I have taken Accounting I and I loved it. It would be really cool if I can get Finance/Accounting  internship where I believe I have lot to offer and learn. Being energetic and passionate about what I do, I am confident that doing this internship will add value to the works of Finance department of the company I will be working for and offer me a great deal to learn. 

Internship Position–  Financial Planning and Analysis Department (

Internship Responsibilities

  • Improving forecasting accuracy by helping track marketing costs at a detail level and ensure that they are categorized properly. 
  • Providing brand managers with reports that allow them to monitor the progress of campaign spending and ensure proper management of marketing budgets.
  • Understanding why a department has spent over or under budget .
  • Preparing monthly reports, providing an overview of whether or not budgets were spent according to plan and the implications if they were not.
  • Overall, fundamental understanding of how companies spend money and what they need to  do to remain profitable. 




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